Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thought Provoking Dentistry - one year on....

A year has passed since I sat in the dentist waiting room scared about my new dentist, scared that he would not be so kind or gentle or patient as my old one who I had been seeing for 10 years or more...

Well in that year the locum dentist has come and gone as they do, and I now have a lovely lady dentist who is even better than the original dentist - even kinder, even more gentle if that were possible.  

So as we lose the comfort and familiarity of what we have known before it is easy to assume or believe that we will never find anything better, different maybe, but not better.   But we don't know what's round the corner, what opportunities are out there for us.  With an open mind and open heart we can find new things in our lives which are not just different but better

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