Monday, October 8, 2012

Gettting to the nub of it works

...even if you don't know what it is, or if that is scary!

What I love about the work that I do, both as a body worker in my sports massage clinic, or with my therapeutic NLP and hypnotherapy is that to be successful I have to work with my clients on the cause and not the symptom.   You just won't get the sustained change without it. 

This can be frustrating for my clients. Why are we working on that when its this that hurts or causes me the problem, but I say stick with it and trust the process.   You have to resolve the root cause of the problem, sticking a plaster on or popping a pill may work or ease things in the short term but it will come back again, and again until you get to the bottom of it.

A wonderful reminder of this occurred recently.  A client came to me about a fear of travelling.  He'd had hypnotherapy before and it hadn't worked.   I explained that there are two parts to dealing with extreme fear or phobias -  destabilising the pattern of behaviour and installing a new pattern which deals with the 'symptom' or the response; but also exploring why the response was created in the first place and acknowledging and appreciating that there are  more appropriate options in how best to respond - the root cause.   My client looked a bit dubious about this second part and so I explained that probably the other hypnotherapy sessions he'd had just dealt with the symptom and that was why there hadn't been a sustained and permanent change in his behaviour, because the root cause had not been dealt with.  Sure enough, what came up was that the phobia's roots lay in an experience of flying home many many years ago knowing there was a very unpleasant abusive situation to deal with when he got home.  This had never been explored, in fact it had been buried so deep the client was surprised to have been reminded of it.  With some further work around the root cause, he left the session to go and book a trip, and we hadn't even started work yet on the symptoms!

It may be daunting at times to explore the real nub of the issue, we can dress it up, pretend it doesn't exist, choose to brush it under the carpet, but it will continue to rear its ugly head time and time again until we choose to face it and resolve it. 

Working with a therapeutic NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner will allow you to explore these root causes, the real nub, with empathy and support.  And it could transform your life.  Imagine a life free of those things that hold you back, that create internal conflict, how wonderful that would be.   You can have this too!

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