Thursday, August 15, 2013


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3 - What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

I run. I run a lot.  Running is my freedom, its my adventure.Sometimes when I'm wondering why I can't be arsed to do the training to run faster, I realise that I don't connect my 'training' to 'adventure'. 

I'm a trail runner.  If I can bear the logistics I love running a trail race from A to B.  In an area I don't know.  Armed with a map, a set of directions, an eye on trail markings I'm at my happiest. 

This year I completed my first 100 mile endurance run.  It was a good introduction to the distance though being 5 loops of a 20 mile forest trail not the true adventure I seek.  I was excited to discover that my successful completion has qualified me to enter Western States 100 miler.  This is the pinnacle of endurance running - a 100.2 mile foot race from Squaw Valley California to Auburn, California through canyons, over high country and a waist high river crossing of the Middle Fork of the American River.  This is my adventure. 

Freedom in business would give me the income, time and flexibility to have these adventures.  And there are many more, not just Western States but Leadville, Salt Flats, Badwater, Grand Union Canal, the list goes on... And its not just running adventures, hiking, cycling, road trips.  Never quite knowing what you're going to find, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Imagine if I had the freedom in buiness to do these things!  I'd soon have to find a way of connecting training to adventure, and I think I've just realised how to do that!

Thanks Natalie of The Suitcase Entrepreneur,  I'm another step closer

30 day challenge

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