Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Creating new habits - where will your genie come from?

30 day challenge

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit.   How many times have I started something with the intention of sticking to it, to only find a few days later I'm already way off track.  Just 30 days.  I mean, c'mon that's hardly a long time to stick something out in the hope it will embed itself!  Yet the 30 day sit up challenge, press up challenge, burpee challenge, juicing challenge, meditating challenge all had me failing within a week.  Sound familiar?

Yet last month I successfully completed a 30 day Life Spa with Naked Coaching.  What was the difference, what made me stick this one with some very positive results I might add?



They also say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, just like Aladdin finding the lamp and summoning his genie.

I had just finished an exhausting 5 months working on a community project.  During that time I'd also completed my first 100 mile endurance run and celebrated my 100th marathon.  I felt I was approaching burn out, my normally healthy eating habits had regressed into a grab whatever processed food was available, my training was zero, I was feeling fat, frumpy, grumpy and exhausted.  I promised myself the month of July to get back on track, to re-charge, re-focus.  And as if by magic my genie appeared in the form of Mel White with her 30 day Life Spa which was perfect timing and the whole challenge resonated with me.  It wasn't difficult to stick to and the habits I re-adopted as a result of the daily challenges, tips and encouragement have definitely put me back on track on a personal level.

So now its August and I turn my focus back to Re-emerging which I neglected a little (ok a lot) during the first few months of this year.  Blogging is something I have done sporadically (I can't argue that one - the evidence is here to see) yet I know it is something that not only I SHOULD do but that I WANT to do as I get so much inspiration from other bloggers myself.  

So there I was just browsing facebook for some blogging inspiration this morning and up pops Natalie Sissons and her 30 day blogging challenge.  Not only does the blogging challenge appeal but also the technical advice and the inspiration from her as The Suitcase Entrepreneur - a lifestyle I aspire to.   So here we are again - the moment the student was ready the teacher appeared!  The timing is perfect - I am ready to get stuck into blogging and I know I CAN commit to a 30 day challenge as I've just finished one! And it resonates.  I actually really want to do this! 

I wonder what things you are wanting to and are ready to learn, and I wonder where your genie will come from?!   Be open to a little magic ;-)

With love

Rachel x 

30 day challenge

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