Thursday, August 15, 2013


Question:  If you were to wake up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

This was a question posed to me and it got me thinking, mulling and pondering for a day or two.  Freedom to do anything?  Wow - that is the ultimate in freedom - what would I choose?

Initially this threw me....freedom to do anything?  Yikes, it was liberating but also scary.  Freedom to do anything means no longer having any excuses to not live the life I'd love.   Its funny how the excuses to not do the things are really just safety nets we put in our way.  Though what are we scared of?  Stopping for a second, I'm loathed to accept that its what other people think that stops me.  Which comes down to a fear of rejection, of being outcast without love.  Oh hang on,  if I love myself, does the acceptance by others then feature so much?  So here I am, back to the nub of the issue - one that I am aware of - it is work in progress, as is life!  Quick reminder to myself - connection without comparison!

Anyway, I digress (and I'm already 8 days late with this blog posting) - the question of WHO WOULD I BE, WHAT WOULD I DO

Well simply, I would be free to be me!  Simply me!  Despite my fear of rejection and being outcast, I do actually quite like me!  I quite like that certain friends and family think that I'm weird or odd with my running, my eating, some of the holistic therapies I practice.   I like the quirky side of me though I'm always battling against that inner voice cautioning me to be conservative and middle of the road.  Freedom would be simply me without that darn parrot on my shoulder spoiling the fun of being me!

What would I do - I would live simply, oh how I crave to live simply - with minimal possessions, with fresh air, big skies, close to nature, the ocean, the ability to be nomadic, visiting, experiencing different places, staying as long as I like then moving on, living with the ability to stay connected with friends, family, old and new.  I would laugh, sing, play, run and dance every day, eating good wholesome food

That parrot is squawking but how?  How will you create this freedom - well I have a feeling that's a blog for another day!  Thanks to Natalie Sissons of The Suitcase Entrepreneur and her 30 Day Blogging Challenge - it was a great question and got me thinking (for longer than I'd anticipated!)

And so I ask you the same question - if you were free to do anything you wanted with your life who would YOU be and what would YOU do?

Rachel x

30 day challenge

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